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Lady Heads

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It's funny how when you pick just one basic design the possibilities are endless. So since we're talking about panther tattoos, tiger tattoos, etc., what do you like in a lady head? And who do you like for a lady head? Contemporary tattooer or past tattooer?

I'm not a tattooer myself, but I like dark eyes/eyelashes and the heavy makeup/color thing. And lots of dark hair.

Bailey Robinson does some really great ones..



On the other end of the spectrum I also like Todd Noble's softer ladies:


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All that being said, I think it takes a lot of hard work to get good at doing it on the level of the people mentioned in this thread. It's a kind of tattooing that doesn't allow much room for error, and I respect the amount of work all these people have put into getting ladies faces down

It's a little more complicated than copying chris or things from magazines. I can guarantee that for every head we see that looks "good enough" or "looks like a Conn girl", these guys did 3 or 4 that they weren't happy with, that are living on people as we speak

it's easy to say that someone just "copied a piece of Sailor Jerry flash" onto someone, but if you've ever tried it, you know it's a little harder than it looks. I've fucked up countless girl heads trying to even get in the ballpark of people like Valarie or Uzi, and in the end I always come to the same conclusion: they've simply put much more time in with the pencil than I have

Garver, Jack Rudy, Cartoon also do really great ladies

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About six or seven years ago I went to Chris Garver and asked him to do a tiger 3/4 sleeve on my arm. The tiger was from his flash on tattoo elite international. He asked me to come back the next day to start. It was my second tattoo, and during the three months it took to do the tattoo he became a television star. Since that tattoo I have sat through about 60 hours of tattooing. In that 60 hours I have never had someone work with such ease. Tigers, girls, snakes, black and grey, color, Japanese, Americana. He is one of the best, and an incredibly nice guy along with it.

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