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Rad thread, thanks for starting it @Delicious ! I never knew there were so many awesome beards here. It's funny to see how different some people look to how I imagined them (or, conversely, how similar).

Anywho, here's me being all Cheesecake recently in celebration of losing 10kg/getting more tattooed.

What's weird is...this is how I always imagine @dcostello dressing...

Maybe it's just me.


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This is me in November last year ,grew my hair back since and stopped fondeling my nipples

Priceless and reminds me of the movie/guy "Bronson" lol.. look that shit up.hahaha

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Pop out the lens and put your penile unit in the hole. In the same line as a "skull fuck". Except in a skull fuck, you need to remove the eye.

this would only work if the correct size penis/lens size found each other.. or else it'd be like chucking a sausage up an alleway as they say.

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Always wondered what you all on the forums look like, beyond your tattoos! A few faces I know due to creeping around on instagram, but yeah, im a creep. :p

Maybe it's for the best we have all this anonymity. or maybe im sleep deprived and delirious.

my wife & myself in Maui in March this year


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    • Yeah, I have heard that as well. Tattoo laser removal definitely isn't something you'd want to do, I'd say it's one of the absolute last things you'd wanna do, actually. From what I've heard (no direct experience), the pain of the laser just doesn't compare to tattoo pain as it's on a whole 'nother level, it takes multiple sessions for the tattoo to really fade and because of how incredibly tough it is on your skin you need an interval of at least one month in-between sessions. That, and the thousands of dollars it can add up to...  My artist told me that she has advised customers to get one or two laser sessions done before cover-ups only a very few handful of times because of all the above cons to lasering, and even with them she suggested no more than one or two sessions just to extremely dark tattoos to lighten the slightest bit so it would be easier to then cover up - to get tattoo lines to fade "wholly" not infrequently takes years and like others already said, would still be visible anyway. 😅
    • I’m assuming. Definitely not an artist myself but I know scar tissue is permanent and once it’s there, there’s never erasing it. I’ve heard laser also hurts more than having the tattoo done itself sooo I’m not sure I’d personally be keen on that 😂
    • Thanks guys I’ll try to respond to this thread once it’s done 👍 (July 10th)
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