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Who is Dave Gibson?

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End Of An Era And The Beginning... - Luke Wessman - Self Made Tattoo Artist

There is some cool photos of Dave's shop in San Diego on Luke Wessman's site. There is just one angle of influence he had on tattooing, it's hard to really define what each persons role in history of tattooing is, but Mr Gibson definitely has one. I hear so many different stories about the guy good and bad, but his stuff speaks for itself and his influence is undeniable.

Funny when I look at pics I think about how similar our shop looks to that, and then I read I find out there is a good reason for that, Terry Tweed helped him set up that shop. Our shop is not exactly set up like Terry's shop, but our owner spent a whole decade working at Terry's shop, so there is a lot of his influence on how a shop should be set up.

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I just heard from Dave about a week or so ago and he said a friend just opened a shop in Stockton about 45 minutes from him...and they were treating him very well there! I am guessing this is the shop you saw him at!

Who is Dave Gibson huh???

I had to chuckle a little but I can understand how some people might not know who he is now!

Dave gave me a list about 8 years ago.....I asked him for a list of tattoo artists that had 40+ years in the craft that did solid work and he gave me a list of world class artists! I have been chipping away at that list ever since adding as many of these people's work to my body as I can! I owe Dave.....he really is partially responsible for a lot of the wonderful tattoo artists I have met over the last 8 years!

Debra Yarian and Debbie Lenz were on that list and I was tattooed by both of those ladies two weeks ago during my trip to Ohio.....

Yeah.....you met a legend in the craft!

He seemed like he was going to retire and stop tattooing.....I've been on him about not stopping....and I was stoked when he said he was working a day a week again in that shop!

Definitely go get something from him while it is still an option!

And please tell him I said hello if you would! :)

Here are a couple acetates Dave sent me a while back!


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I met him today, he was tattooing a sick ass parrot on another guy in the shop where my sister got her chest tattoo. I've seen his flash before on the internet, and I gather he must be at least somewhat known... Very cool guy and very talented.

I found this in a search here,I have a friend in Tracy I am staying with in nor cali for a minute and I will be at Quarter Horse for an appt with Dave Gibson this sunday(10/20),I am excited about it.

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