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Hello Forum,


 I am in the process of accepting my current situation with a new tattoo I would love feedback from the group both on the tattoo itself and next steps for me with it.

the story:

I booked a month in advance with an artist I was very excited to get to collect from. I love their style and have been following them for at least a year on Instagram  and while tastes vary and I would not want the specific tattoos I have seen posted, nearly all of them look incredible and the technique and style was all on point for my vision.

 I discussed what I was thinking of in person then after a week decided against it and Spoke with the artist over the phone about the new idea then followed up with an email and reference. I was asking for a Tibetan dragon that had an interesting tiger head and some other features not typical in dragon tattoos.

 The New direction I submitted was a full two weeks before our appointment and he said that would be plenty of time to draw this up.

 When I went in for the appointment it took about 30 minutes before he came out with the drawing and I still wonder if he didn’t just throw something together on the spot. I was immediately disappointed with what I saw in the stencil as it didn’t look anything like the image I sent him and brought up a few of my concerns, the head didn’t look like the one I submitted at all, and I didn’t like the stripes on the back of the dragon and asked if he could make those more filled in and even pointed to an example on the tattoo on his arm as well as some flash. He gave an answer why the stripes would be better and said the head I wanted wouldn’t fit between other tattoos and I decided my nerves were probably more the issue and proceeded to go along with the appointment.

 It all seems ridiculous as I write this as there are red flags all over this and clearly this is my fault as I should have just canceled the appointment at that time. However, this artist has done such good work and the style typically was exactly what I wanted so I trusted it would Look better once complete.

 When he was done I looked at it and thanked him, I also tipped him over 20% of a price that was somewhat high for my region.  He took a video of it and posted it on his Instagram feed but after a day removed the posting.   To my knowledge I have never seen him post anything that he later removed and can’t help but think he also wasn’t very proud of the job. 

  I would like to post the images and get your feedback on what you think and how it could be improved. I’m also not sure if I should contact the artist and see if he would do the improvements or go to another artist.  I still think this artist has great work but what I got makes me hesitant to contact him. The artist’s significant other  is also, in my opinion, one of the most talented artists in my city and I would like to go back to them one day so I want to spare as much drama as possible with the first artist. 

Please let me know


1) how you would handle the situation,

2) what you think of the piece/ ideas for improvement 

3) how you deal with ragritz/vs settle in period. 


Im thinking of having more shading added to the back or even blacking it all in as well as the same for the pattern behind his head. 

I really like the end of the tail and think the tattoo as a whole wouldn’t bother me as much if it wasn’t for the fact it looks nothing like the one I submitted








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Based on that reference and what you got I think you were asking the wrong artist to do that style.  Its also a bunch of thick bold B&G trad pieces around it.  All things considered I think that the person did a good job of putting something in theme for your arm, it has a simple folk kind of american traditional vibe.  Personally based on the reference if you want small details then you need to get a big tattoo not a small arm banger, your reference is detailed to be a whole thigh or chest even.


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I can understand it not being exactly what you wanted/expected, but it's not bad at all.  Well done and fits with the other work on your arm.  I'd mark it up to life, enjoy it as is and if you still want one like your reference, find a different artist and have it put someplace else.  Nothing wrong with double dragons.

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My two cents...I can certainly empathize with not getting exactly what you wanted. That being said, it appears from your photos that you are not a tattoo rookie. Don't overthink why they pulled the video down. It's certainly a very good tattoo. Breathe. Get out of yer head. Give it time. 🙂

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All comments above have helped me get a different perspective and I thank you all. I have now come to see it not as I had envisioned but as it is and this is helping quite a bit.  As with each tattoo I have gotten, I need a break in and adjustment phase. Right around the time it has healed and doesn’t look shiny, plastic, I start getting a perspective that most closely resembles how I will feel going forward.  I guess no different than most things in life, it’s better than a lot of other possibilities, not what I expected, and if I focus on the things I like about it, I will feel good about it.  



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For me personally, some reason whenever I get a tattoo I end up regretting it severely for the first couple of weeks. even if it's perfect and looks amazing. It's probably  just from the shock of having some new on my body, but generally even if I don't really like how it ended up I end up liking it and accepting it after a few weeks. So my best advice is just to wait and hopefully you'll begin to accept it and love it.

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I see what you mean and I understand why is not what you expected, but as I was reading the topic I thought I was about to see an awful looking tattoo. It actually looks amazing to me. If I saw that tattoo on somebody I would think it's a great tattoo decision.

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Hello guys I'm new to forums. I just need some advice on how will I improve or enhance my tattoo. The idea came from me but im not happy on how the artist executed it. This is my very first tattoo so I got all excited when i saw the stencil on my skin so i didn't notice that the tattoo is messy and unsymmetrical. Hope someone can give me an advice on what to do. Thank you! 



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