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Ron Henry Wells

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@Graeme Send him in!! I am sure Ron is a pro at seducing people with his own designs. because they are awesome. Working near RISD has made me really good at complimenting art school sketches while totally vetoing them. "that would make an amazing PAINTING!"

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@ian he makes it really hard to settle on a tattoo design because looking through his flash for too long makes me want them all equally.

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@Erica You don't have to convince me about Ron's designs! The last time I got tattooed by him it was super hard to choose what I wanted because so many of his designs are SO COOL. I ended up with the forest skull because that one is a mind-blower but the same can be said about so many of his designs. The negative space ones he's doing are so goddamned amazing. Love that guy.

I can't even imagine what sorts of things people bring in.

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