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@DeathB4Decaf - Thanks! As for how long I've been working on it, well that's a bit of a loaded question. I started it about 5 years ago, but Jason moved to Portland literally after 2 sessions. So, progress slowed down quite a bit but I'm just about done!

@Cork - Thanks! No filter. Just my wife on an iPhone and my fat ass in all it's glory!

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Did 4 more hours today. Was supposed to be a 6 hour session but due to circumstances on both mine and Kian's side we changed it to a 4.

I am glad to say it is now time to re-commence my backpiece. For the last 2-3 months it has been all about things and butt etc etc. I had actually forgotten that I was doing a backpiece. :) I am quite tall so my butt and thighs is a substantial amount of area to tattoo.

Today we have all but finished up that area and started colour on background elements further up.

I love looking at the progress after every session but after starting colour on my "back" I realise I still have a long way to go.

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Saw that on Instagram @Shaggy That healed oni looks great.

Thanks @Cork Very happy with how it turned out. I was a bit dubious about his call on the main tan/brown colour that he originally did, but this session he added a bit of yellow and it really goes well with the teal/blue and I love the combination. Is why I basically let Kian pick all the colours. I acknowledged early on with my sleeves to let him do what he thinks is right. He is the artist I am just the canvas. :)

- - - Updated - - -

I hate ribs...yes I do. And also spine...really hate that too...but ribs are the worse

I haven't even finished my back but am now looking at continuing my "suit" to the front which means ribs. Doing the back side of ribs sucked so I hate to think what all that work over the ribs is going to feel.

To be honest has me thinking should I just stop after the backpiece and be happy with no more pain and enjoy what I have or keep going and work through the pain to get even more great art and get closer to the full suit.

The F**king things we do for art. :)

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Two days of brutality on my back with Henning. This go around we started coloring in the phoenix at Kings Avenue Tattoo. 7 hours on Friday in Long Island, then 6 more hours on Saturday in Manhattan. Henning thinks we need one more full session to complete everything. I think probably 2 more including any touch ups.

By the way...I really really hate ribs...and spine....THE WORST. Enjoy the pics.







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It just struck me... It is 8:39 pm. I belive a certain member @BrianH is getting some work today???

hmmmm??? hmmmm?

being nosy as hell, but excited for you man. (If i got the date wrong then I suck at life)

A little off on the dates and body parts. Finished my thigh with Henning on Wednesday and started my ribs/chest with him on Thursday.

Also had a quick consult with Mike about my back piece but we don't break skin on that project until February so bottle up your excitement until then.

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@ironchef your back is looking insane! Very impressed indeed, and the finish line is in sight. It makes me very excited to finish the linework on my back this Saturday so we can then move on to some shading in December. But for now definitely a huge congrats on what is going to be a great piece.

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THANKS! @Lance, @SeeSea, @Cork, @hogg, @Mick Weder, @Fala, @Mush, @MrToby, @DeathB4Decaf, @misterJ

I was very excited to see Henning again and get more work done on my back but it was tough couple of sessions. Long hours and in very tender spots made me question my sanity and whether I will ever consider starting another tattoo project, hahaha. Henning consulted several old woodblock print references for inspiration on colors and added his own unique take on them. He felt combination of muted colors on the body and bright tail feathers would not only make the phoenix "pop" but also simultaneously compliment and contrast off of Rubendall's dragon colors. Needless to say I'm very happy with how it turned out. Happy everyone is enjoying the progress with me. Cheers!

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    • sounds good ! don't forget to pre-hydrate tonight(water) ,and also before the tattoo be sure and eat a full healthy meal.The sweets and bananas are  perfect ! bring a few bottles of water to drink during the tattoo.remember to relax and you will do fine.
    • I'm getting my first tattoo in 12 hours! I've even traveled for it and I'm super excited. The artist said it'd take 7 hours and I really hope that it isn't 7 hours of straight tattooing.. I've packed sweets, two bananas, a book and a switch so I hope that'll be plenty of sugars and entertainment. Now to hope that I can sleep now that the time to get the tattoo is almost here! I'll be getting a sword and a bird in the black illustrative style, but I haven't seen the design yet. I can't wait!
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