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I do free-lance graphic design, this was for a skateboard graphic, I didn't end up selling the design to the owner because, he was being sketchy and never wrote out a business agreement. I'm saving this for a skateboard art show tho. This was influenced by the 80's Powell Peralta series.

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this is rad, I was thinking of staring a thread like this bit figured everyone would just shit all over it.

anyways, glad to see it's already here..

This is what i'm currently working on (unfinished at the moment)

It's hand embroidery and paint on fabric. It's going to be a patch for a denim vest.


I've also been making what I'm calling embroidered talismans the past week, here's one of them

It's also hand sewn and is about2.5"


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Gouge - First, agreed about Ron's print! It's awesome. I met him at a convention but didn't know he was an awesome tattooer at the time, fail on my part! Hopefully Ron, I'll be seeing you at another one soon.

The Lil Talismans (funny you call it that, i posted on my blog and called them tiny talismans). I'm being inspired by images from books about alchemy, witchcraft, astrology but I've been sewing them I guess you would say free hand. I'm just going at it and so far it's worked out. Some are more obvious than others, like I did one of an eye, and then some like one I posted were just made up in my brains.

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