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92 years old Whang Od , doing what shes been doing for the past 64 years

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What a precious lady. I would love to get tattooed by her. So much respect, I mean to tattoo for the vast majority of your lifespan is a pretty huge thing. Her arms are so beautiful, too! I really love (real) tribal tattoos, they're so impacting. Awesome video, thank you for sharing. I'm going to see if I can find any more articles or documentation on her.

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I'm amazed how perfectly straight her lines are, considering she's pretty much hammering it into you. I mean, granted, you do anything for 64 years solid and you'll get good at it, but even when the ink was obstructing the tattoo she still knew where she was and where the next part goes. There's only one explanation; she's a wizard.

It makes me sad to think that one day this form of tattooing might be gone forever. I never had a bucket list before, but I just made one and getting a tattoo like this from someone like her is at the top. Well, okay, it's the entire list, but that' not the point.

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Here's a little piece on her I dug up a few weeks back when the video was posted. It did make me want to go to the Philippines. JULIE TOLENTINO & BATOK TATTOO

Thank you so much for sharing this.

I also liked this short essay from the same website. A well-written thing that I intend to pass on to a number of people in my life who are baffled by my interest in getting tattooed.

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I haven't had a chance to fully read it yet ( because it's 12am and I'm getting tired and lazy) but it looked interesting and runs along a related line to this post:

BBC News - Reviving the art of Filipino tribal tattoos

Interesting read. My wife is from the PI. We are planning on going back next year. May have to get a tatto there. I wonder if I could take the pain...:)?

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Online campaign wants 95-year-old Wang-Od to be recognized as a National Artist | Kicker Daily News

"A campaign pushing for Wang-Od (Fang-Od) to be recognized as a National Artist has been circulating on social media sites.

"Alongside Wang-Od’s portrait is a text which reads: “Whang-Od is the last Ancient Kalinga Tattoo artist. In the past years, the silence of this ancient art was broken because people from around the globe pay homage to this remaining artist and take pride that they were tattooed by her.

“'It is my personal advocacy to let the Filipino community realize that it is now time to recognize her world-class contribution to the art of tattoo-making that is genuinely Filipino.'

“'She deserves to be one of our National Artist,' it said with a hashtag #WangOdNationalArtist."

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