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Filip Leu interview

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that was great! i've always loved filip's work and would love to get a tattoo from him one day even though i'm pretty damn full at this point. i feel like i would almost be wasting his time asking him make something small for me when i'm sure there is a line out the door of people willing to give him their entire backs and arms and even full suits.

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Thanks for sharing that. I met and talked briefly with Filip about a year and a half ago at the Montreal convention when he was doing one-session, four to five hour backpieces with Kurt Wiscombe. He was very friendly, down to earth, and despite having spent pretty much literally his entire life around tattoos, clearly absolutely loves tattoos and tattooing and still sees all the magic there. He's a real inspiration.

- - - Updated - - -

Here's a short video of the backpiece him and Kurt did on the second day. One shot.

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Watched it a couple weeks ago, it's great! He and his family are extremely approachable. I was introduced to him by Kurt who has sleeves/back/thighs done by Filip. Was great getting to talk to him, and it was interesting to see the amount of respect and admiration he garnered from other artists at the convention. One artist I spoke to said they were too nervous to go talk to him!

Here's a picture I took of the backpiece that @Graeme posted


Filip, Loretta and Titine signed a book for me as well!


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Awesome! I just re-watched this tonight because I'm seeing Filip this weekend to finally start colouring in my backpiece with him - finally! Somehow I ended up at this video while gathering my thoughts on colour options.

All I can say is, for those who've spent some time with him this is a good representation of his flexible and inquisitive mind, together with his humble nature. I'm always doubly humbled as to how, after a couple of hours with him, you stop thinking of FILIP LEU and he just becomes Filip. It's a special skill I'm sure gathered from years of interacting with people in a certain state (frenetic, groupies, then in long periods of pain etc) but I'm always pleased to interact with his mind and how thoughtful he is about many things. Though we often disagree! I think what makes him a great tattooer, aside from the obvious, is his genuine humility. It always strikes me as something which surely must enable him to learn from the people he meets, and at the risk of sounding cynical & bitter, is what stops over confident young guns from becoming better. I'll keep saying it again and again, the best tattooers are always the ones who'll look you in the eye properly when they shake your hand. Anyway, enough mythologising. If you want some work from him, just ask! I think he's happy to take on work he fancies.

Now onto some colour decisions for my back...

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1 hour ago, Hands On said:

Filip's got some pretty cool sneaks for sale. I'm not in the market for shoes, but just in case anyone here is, the link is below.

Even if you're not in the market, the little commercial snippet is pretty entertaining... http://www.tattoolife.com/filip-leu-for-suede-puma/ 

I couldn't find a place to buy them. I love the black one!

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