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I do not know how to post a topic. So I’ll post my question here 🙂

Does this look normal? One flower is kinda janky. I got this tattoo November 1st. Should I calm 03C18AF7-DA19-40AD-BE6E-07436D090664.thumb.jpeg.e1f7788baae61d735d10ac7be28b36da.jpeg6A09E6C0-1FF3-4770-94A1-001DDBF5BF54.thumb.jpeg.e4d79ec4821726cf4a5dcd1f60a431c0.jpeg2AE84E6C-9C16-4DE8-A2A1-02BB6B716AA6.thumb.jpeg.42fdc2e0e08ec8db9188a590fa592650.jpegmy tits or freak out a little? 

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Guys I have a question about inks safetality. Let me start with stating that i do not like or want to use any plastic based inks anymore ( Intenze, Moms "Millennium", Starbrite, skin candy, etc. like here: ). I have used all of those and can definitely attest to the quality that they have. Also for what it matters, I am not an absolute beginner I have been tattooing professionally for almost 5 years now and my problem is not getting colors to go in. I am more so interested in making a lasting piece of art that will be safe for my clientele. Thank you all for any enlightening input that you might have.
Thanks in advance


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@Derrils maybe start a new thread, since i don't think you'll get answers in this one 🙂


Hey guys, thanks for the appreciations from a few pages ago!

Here's another fresh pic of it, done by the artist.
It's one month old now and it healed great, i'll take a new picture when i find the right lighting.

Now the spots that are left on both of my arms is the inner bicep. I'm scared 🙂



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@Derrils maybe start a new thread, since i don't think you'll get answers in this one

Actually, I don't think you'll get one on this forum.

........Now the spots that are left on both of my arms is the inner bicep. I'm scared .........

And well you should be. That's the only area that gave me real pain. But, you'll do it and make it through.

And it will be worth it.

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November 28 -- 2nd sleeve begins.

Once again, we returned to the studios of world traveling artist Scott Ellis. He's spent most of the last six months hopscotching Europe. I was happy to know ahead of time that he'd be back in Austin Texas for a few week -- plenty of time to start sleeve #2. 

Scott suggested we try a Phoenix for this sleeve. Seemed to fit well with the dragon. Here is his notebook prior to my arriving:


As before, Scott creates the design in freehand. Took him about 3.25 hours. And as before, he was ever the perfectionist -- at one point an hour in wiping off my arm and starting again because he felt the bird's head was an inch off from where he wanted it. 




As we progress, Scott goes through about four layers, increasing the detail with ever more fine brushes along the way.




Below are layer #3 and #4:



Taken in mirror:


And at least, we ink! 2.5 hours of linework. 


Unfortunately, Scott is back off to Europe... so no shading stage until April. That's okay, it is worth the wait to be worked on by a master. 

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    • I've personally thought of going to Japan to get a tebori tattoo and stumbled upon the Pacific Tattoo Company website mentioned in this article. Was wondering if anyone had arranged for a tattoo holiday with Pacific Tattoo Company. Would appreciate some input from those who have successfully done so.
    • I believe the concern about swimming with a new tattoo is not about spreading diseases or germs to other people as it is about what it could do to your new tattoo. From what I understand, It is generally advisable to avoid baths, overly long showers or swimming to prevent the tattoo from becoming soaked and to protect it from bacteria and what-not from infecting the new tattoo since it is essentially an open wound. Strong chemicals and chlorine in the water can also irritate the new tattoo and interfere with the healing process. Other than avoiding the pool until your new tattoo is completely healed, you may want to monitor it for any signs of infection. Elsewise, just wait for it to heal.
    • It's not an ink stain. As @scottyg mentioned, tattooing creates an open wound. In the course of the healing process, a scab forms, much like it does for any other wound. This scab will usually be the same colour as the ink. As the healing process progresses, it gradually flakes off. Scabbing usually takes place within 2-3 days but the peeling/flaking off part can take 2-3 weeks or even longer depending on a whole lot of variables. Just keep it dry and clean and try not to scratch, peel or pull off the scabs or flaking bits. If it gets too dry, a little unscented moisturiser should help to prevent it from cracking. But you should seriously follow the advice of your tattoo artist with regards to aftercare.
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