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LST's newest Moderator


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Please help us welcome @Iwar as the latest addition to the LST Moderation team!

Iwar has been with LST since the very beginning and as you all know is a very level-headed, cool cat and we're thrilled to have him on the team.

Some of us have been lucky enough to meet him in person during his visits to the states from Norway, from whence he hails.

Now we've got all the time zones covered for 'round the clock moderation - spammers beware!

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Thanks everyone!

I'm already annoying the shit out of the other mods with stupid questions, but I think I'm slowly getting to know the ropes. @steve1461686340 even granted me the honor of swinging the mighty banhammer to one of our most recent spammers today :cool:

Thanks for trusting me @Lochlan @steve1461686340 @tammy @dari @gougetheeyes @slayer9019 @hogg I'll do my best to help out!

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What??? Already.... Please point me to where the cherry was busted.

Haha, not sure exactly where it was busted but @Iwar did mention it on the first post of this page? Have a feeling it was just a typical spammer and not anyone being a douche... but I have been wrong before lol

- - - Updated - - -

My bad - last page!

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