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On 4/20/2018 at 7:57 PM, JAC1961 said:

My tiger half sleeve was finished on Tuesday.  Super happy with it and how well it's healing.  Work by Kevin Stress at Enso Tattoo in Columbus, OH.  Great artist and shop, would recommend to anyone.  Let me know what you think!



An action shot with me on the near table.


<<<Photos borrowed from the artist's IG>>>


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Getting started on a fun piece before my back project. Artist changed the classic photo to match the color of my dog. So this is tattoo number five and I am still learning. Yes your biceps are free. Back is not too bad. Thigh is a little more sensitive until you start rounding the corners.  Got the line work this session. Going to be a fun summer





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So, I recall being asked if I was going to do the other side after I posted my left side's tattoo here some months ago... yes, yes yes, fine, you win; you were right. I couldn't leave it unbalanced.

Discussed it with Horifuji after my last appointment for the left side and I asked him what he would suggest. He suggested Sojobo on the right shoulder to keep the theme consistent. The karasu tengu on the left shoulder would need to be supervised, anyway.

Horifuji at State of Grace in San Jose USA. Outline and details machine, almost all colour tebori. 

Great shop, great people, great experience, great artist. Links to his Instagram posts as the photos are much clearer than what I can do.

And both sides from the front...



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Thanks guys!  It was a rough weekend, if I'm allowed to over share I got broken up with while I was out there, and woke up today at 6:00am to go get poked by the dentist.  So having Horitomo be so nice and get so much work done was a real pick me up!  He was super excited that I finally came back and he gets to work on both a back piece and a Monmon piece.  Shading is so incredibly easy in comparison to the lines, its almost silly how much easier it is. I hope it stays easy to get shading.

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