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Look what I just stumbled over!

FST: On the Shoulders of Giants is a documentary film, currently in production by Stewart Robson, a tattooer at Frith Street Tattoo (FST) in London.

This project is expected to be completed in late 2013.

Shooting started in August 2012.

Stewart has interviewed his friends and colleagues, some of them world-renown in tattoo circles but all of them have worked in the cramped infamous basement shop in the heart of London’s seedy soho district, to share this portrait of one of the most interesting, vibrant and influential modern tattoo shops.

FST: On the Shoulders of Giants

There's a bunch on cool teasers from the different interviews on the blog too. I'm super stoked for this to come out!

You gotta share stuff like this with us @Stewart Robson

- - - Updated - - -

This was great by the way! (Also by Stewart)

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@Iwar Thanks. I knew someone here would find it eventually. Thanks for sharing.

I've told a few people face-to-face about this project but I want people online to find this on their own, for now. If I shout about it and create hype, everyone will be bored of waiting by the time it's finally finished. I expect a long gap (at least 6 months) between the last shot and the finished edit. At the moment I'm doing this 100% on my own - Camera, lights, sound, music, graphics, editing, planning, photography, layout, writing, interviewing, transcribing, promotion, etc etc. I'm glad you like what I've done so far. As well as the guys at the shop I have some great people lined up to get interviewed too. Some of them you know, some you don't know.

Actually, on the subject of transcribing... I do need help. Lately I've been thinking about asking for help but I wasn't sure to do it here, twitter or wherever.

Without turning this into a sob story, I can't transcribe every interview myself. I've done a few but my wrists can't take the strain of tattooing 5 days a week and typing for 2. Having hard-copy interview transcripts is essential to the editing process. So I guess this is an open offer for someone to have some low paid, occasional, boring work but to help out on a project that I think might be interesting.

I don't have the budget for professional transcription services (actually, I have zero budget, everything is paid for out of my own pocket) but I can pay a percentage of the standard professional rate.

If you think you'd like to help or know someone who'd like to help, email [email protected] Thanks.

HOOPER versus PECKer:

The footage of Oliver getting tattooed was almost an hour long. It was tough to cut some of the hilarious one-liners but the best ones are in there.

@Scott R I'm the guy holding the camera. We did meet at the SFO convention.

There ware lots of people watching Oliver get tattooed from outside the room, but the guys you can see while Thomas gets tattooed are Chad Koepliner, Stefano C, Shane Wilcox, Me and Thomas' friend James.

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"do you know how much this would hurt with pants on?!"


This was my favourite line too! We watched this last night and we were laughing so hard we were crying.

This project looks amazing, Stewart, so thank you for taking it on despite the enormous amount of work that it must entail. My line of work requires a lot of transcription as well, so I feel for you re: the pain and timesuck that it is as a process. Hoping you get the help you need, and can't wait to see more!

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this is awesome but oliver makes me never want to get my palms tattooed. hooper takes it like a meditating champ! i wonder if hooper going first woulda impacted oliver's reaction at all. i'm guessing not.

i'm looking forward to following the blog as the project progresses and definitely can't wait for the finished product! thanks for putting this out there, @Stewart Robson !

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awesome as always @StewartRobson !I'd be happy to help in any other capacity except typing. As someone that has their palms tattooed along with most of every body part, I can tell you that the palm is by far the worst place to get tattooed. I've seen a ton of people get their palms tattooed and most react like Peck and not like Hooper.

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words and emails offering help. I'm stoked and will get back to you all within a week or so.

It seems I'm cack handed and mis-typed the mailto link in my first post in this thread. the email address is [email protected] I typed INtheshouldersofgiants (which doesn't make any sense).Thanks to @else for pointing that out.

I cant edit the post again (time limit or number of edits maybe?) If one of the mods could do it I'd be super grateful, thanks.

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@%1;' date=' it seems like you are getting a lot of feedback for help with the project. I am currently in between jobs and a very speedy typer, if you're still looking. I'll send an email...

^^^^ I can never get mentions to work, goddamn...[/quote']

Put the @ symbol before the username.


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