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Traditional Designs: Stabbed Animals


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Quick question, I've always wondered about this... why is that in a lot of traditional tattoo designs, animals, animal heads and so one are getting stabbed? Like the often seen Panther-with-a-dagger-through-the-head. I get it if you really hate a certain kind of animal or have some other more or less valid reason for it (I've played with the thought of a tattoo with a spider punctured by a dagger because I'm afraid of them (yet don't kill them in real life since I value their insect killing existence)). But other than that? Is there a reason, a story behind those designs?

Just wonderin' not judging ;)

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For what it's worth I feel no animosity towards panthers. My thought process when thusly:

"What's the toughest thing I could possibly get, so everyone can see how nails I am?"

"I know, A Panther"

"Wait, with a fucking dagger through it"

and then that turned out to be too much tough for me to handle, so there's a butterfly as well:

<a  href=486d27f0f4df5c0efe33.jpg' alt='486d27f0f

Seriously though, it looks cool. What more reason would you like?

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I don't like how a lot of animal tattoos have a bunch of arrows in them. At least with the dagger it looks like it's in some kind of cool battle, but with arrows it's like it was just minding its own business and then was shot a bunch of times.

There are some traditional designs I wish I knew the story behind, but they originated so long ago probably nobody knows. For example the ducks that say "hey you" and "who me." I also wonder why crying baby heads are popular. Doesn't look like the personification of toughness to me.

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I always saw it in 2 ways. 1- You wanted a cool knife AND an animal so jam them together. 2- The more "BS-Filled" meaning I've heard is it's signifigant of defeating or overcoming something difficult.

Because it's rad, that's why.

But really just that ^^^^^. I have a Gorilla getting stabbed. It's pissed about it too. Rad as fuck.

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