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Latest tattoo lowdown.....

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1 hour ago, bongsau said:

Finished the pit rippers ! The first session lined both, this second session we finished em up. Challenging second sit but a strong finish, where's my bactine sponsorship ?! Made with expertise by Handsome Dick tatts at Champion Tattoo in the Champion City, Alberta, Canada, Earth.


Doesn't get much more killer than this. Dude, you're a beast, and I mean that in the best possible way ;)


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1 hour ago, rdinak said:

Went back for session 2 on the dragon yesterday. Got all of the black shading done, and just started on color. After five hours I was wore out.  Cant wait for my next session. 






looks great so far !

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We're done! The previous two day session didnt' go as well as the few before it had, I ended up having a pretty bad case of hitting the wall hard enough to lump my noggin. So I was concerned about the final session... but I did much better during those 5 or so hours a few days ago and here we are! Total I think ~35 hours, maybe deduct one or two total for breaks etc. That tengu has the exasperated smarmy expression I would expect it to have having had a teenage Yoshitsune (nee Ushiwakamaru) thwack it with a wooden sword.

Horifuji's instagram has some clearer pictures from before we applied the film on it (as you can tell it was a bit ticked off and seepy by that point).

(by Horifuji @ State of Grace, San Jose , CA, USA)

Feels a bit weird plopping this on teh intertoobz but I am so pleased with my experience* that I wanted give him and the whole shop a shout-out.



*minus the hurty being- poked-with-needles part.



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