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Tattoo Vampire by the one the only BLUE OYSTER CULT.

Other than that.....i dont think I know any others worth a damn.

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tattoo tattoo

sexy dragon magic

tattoo tattoo

so very autobiographic

David Lee Roth lyrical genius on their new song 'tattoo'. This is why Legendary bands should just stay legendary and not release new material. Not good, not good at all.

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That new Van Halen song is god awful. I love me some David Lee Roth but cot damn..

it is times like this that I wish we could "favorite" comments

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I have a left-field contribution: "Johnsburg, Illinois" by Tom Waits. At about a minute and a half, t's one of the shortest songs around, but I've always loved it. I sing it to my daughter often.


Here are the lyrics (with the tattoo reference in bold):

She's my only true love, she's all that I think of

Look here in my wallet, that's her

She grew up on a farm there, there's a place on my arm where

I've written her name next to mine

See I just can't live without her, and I'm her only boy

She grew up outside McHenry in Johnsburg, Illinois

Makes me wonder who did Tom's tattoos:



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I'm suprised no one's posted this gem yet

any way we can vote this as the LST theme song?.. have it come on automatically everytime you open a new LST page... and hide the stop/pause/mute button.

gem indeed.

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