Pre 1985 tattooers you've been tattooed by

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hhmmmm....Bill Salmon , GTC ,Martin Robson ,PJ English, Fip Buchanan, cant remember his name at Doc Webbs(no gloves) 88'ish.....and yeah I think freddy C started right around that time. I started in 89'....

No gloves...it's funny, I was thinking about that the other day, I remember when the big deal at CTC was the autoclave...NO ONE wore gloves. Sitting getting worked on by Dale, both of us smoking. Cigarettes, yeah, that's the ticket, cigarettes...

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Great thread! *Bump*

Richard Stell, Filip Leu, Bob Roberts, Chuck Eldridge, Don Nolan, Paul Jeffries, Danny Williams, Lou Robbins, Dave Lum, Henry Goldfield, Deb Yarian, Hanky Panky, Dave Gibson, Bill Loika, George “Lumpy” Larsson, Lance McClain, Leo Zulueta, Elio Espana, Ernie Gosnell, Bill Salmon, Cap Szumski, Greg James, Gill Montie, and a few others whose names I’ve forgotten.

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large knee piece(Bill Loika art), tattoo from Dave Gibson,

and many small flash pieces from "California Ralph" & "Charlie"   at "world Famous Emporium of Tattoo" in Van Nuys California in the early 80's.

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    • so very sorry to hear that; it's good to be able to memorialize her in this way.
    • Hello and welcome to the forum - others will probably be along to tell you to give it some time - and I would agree  - this is a very new tattoo and you need to wait until it's fully healed to be able to have any perspective on it - give it a couple of months to fully settle in. Aftercare - I've had a couple of tattoos now and I have healed really well using Bepanthan (in small amounts) - but others will tell you (with some vigour) not to go anywhere near it. I have also healed with no ointments, herbs, spices, spells or oils at all and these have turned out equally well - so.... One piece of universal advice I think I can give is whatever you use don't use too much of it, and don't soak the tattoo (as in submerged for any length of time) in water.   - What did your tattooist recommend for aftercare?
    • Hey, I’m new here, so bear with me if I seem out of the loop of everything. I just got a tattoo (my first) tonight, and I have an inquiry. I don’t think it’s anything too serious, but I’d like to know what it is. I’ve seen pictures of blowouts, is this one? Or is it too early to tell just yet? I don’t mind it much, just curious.    And on on a side note, I’m using A+D Ointment, but I’ve just read up on some sites that it’s not good for tattoos? Should I switch, or am I safe?
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