Pre 1985 tattooers you've been tattooed by

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hhmmmm....Bill Salmon , GTC ,Martin Robson ,PJ English, Fip Buchanan, cant remember his name at Doc Webbs(no gloves) 88'ish.....and yeah I think freddy C started right around that time. I started in 89'....

No gloves...it's funny, I was thinking about that the other day, I remember when the big deal at CTC was the autoclave...NO ONE wore gloves. Sitting getting worked on by Dale, both of us smoking. Cigarettes, yeah, that's the ticket, cigarettes...

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Great thread! *Bump*

Richard Stell, Filip Leu, Bob Roberts, Chuck Eldridge, Don Nolan, Paul Jeffries, Danny Williams, Lou Robbins, Dave Lum, Henry Goldfield, Deb Yarian, Hanky Panky, Dave Gibson, Bill Loika, George “Lumpy” Larsson, Lance McClain, Leo Zulueta, Elio Espana, Ernie Gosnell, Bill Salmon, Cap Szumski, Greg James, Gill Montie, and a few others whose names I’ve forgotten.

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large knee piece(Bill Loika art), tattoo from Dave Gibson,

and many small flash pieces from "California Ralph" & "Charlie"   at "world Famous Emporium of Tattoo" in Van Nuys California in the early 80's.

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    • cool tattoo. no need to cover it up... it'll fit right in with a traditional sleeve no matter which way it's facing. don't overthink it! i'd say the "rules" are that tattoos should face forward if they're on the side and face inward if they're on the front or back. i did a quick search of Bert Krak's IG for some examples. The peacocks on the back of the calves both face inwards. But on the client with the eagle backpiece, you can see a skull facing in and a hannya facing out... and no one will say that one's right or wrong. it's not even consistent and it doesn't matter! 😃 Just keep getting tattooed and it'll be all good!
    • that's correct orientation IMO
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