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Latest tattoo lowdown.....

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Here are some of my recent, mostly unposted (I posted a bloody picture of the rose but nothing since it healed) tattoos. The Toy Story Alien was a Friday the 13th tattoo that I had reworked. 

Zoltar and the Claw Machine are courtesy of Dillon Eaves at Charnel House and the rest are from Vince Maravel at Chapman Ave Tattoo with the exception of the original alien.







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That’s cool. Reminds me of this small filler I got earlier this year. The whole arm is by Franz Stefanik, previously of The Okey Doke, in Toronto, which is where this was done, but now working out of the Baby Bird in Hamilton, ON.

Edit:  image uploaded upside down, but works just as well


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Just got my first tattoo last Thursday! I am beyond thrilled with the art. The artist just nailed it. It's everything I asked for and beyond. I love how the flag stripes are blended into the Constitution and becomes part of the aging of the document. I love the stitching and embroidering on the flag, and how even the tiny text that you can't read still looks like real text. The feather quill and inkwell are awesome! This was done in one session and these pictures are taken right after and the day after. Pain really wasn't bad at all. Obviously some areas are worse than others, but I could have sat longer if I needed to. 

I am using DermShield, first piece on for 24 hours, then swapped for a fresh piece for 3 days. That comes off today, and man I can't wait to get this off and put some moisturizer on it! It's pretty tight, red, and itchy, more around the tattoo than on it but I have dry sensitive skin and winter doesn't help. I have not showered in the 3 days since I put on the second dermshield, because it's several pieces and I just don't think it would last otherwise.  As soon as I get home from work I am running for the showering and peeling the dermshield off! Hoping for smooth sailing from here. 

Already planning ideas for the other side of this arm to go with this theme. Definitely using the same artist. 

I'm trying to decide if that last half star (circled in red) would look better with a bit of shading to it so it matches the others more, or better looking like its fading out to the skin as that was the artists concept. Probably won't be able to decide until this is healed and the skin is no longer red. What do you guys think...have that shaded a bit or leave it so it looks more out of focus/fading out?


Hope you all like it!





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