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Worst pain was around the nipples, and between the major bones on the head. Knees, elbows, sternum, and between the knuckles by all means hurt but wasn't anything in comparison to between the bones on the head. That shit hurt.. oh and the belly button wasn't a very fun day either haha 

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On 10/20/2010 at 8:25 AM, hogg said:

Shins and my kneecap were super easy for me, but lower back/ass/right where the thigh meets the ass were all F***ing horrible. Who knew the ass would be so bad? Deep, searing pain that lasted for days. I'm so glad my backpiece is done.

I'd also like to nominate "any body part tattooed by Chris Trevino."

Chris just tattooed my last decent sized spot I had left, on my ass. Good times!

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Has anyone tattooed straight over the nipple? Mine are a bit of a wierd colour (tmi I know) so where I'm going to get wind bars I'm thinking of blacking them out. I might do it a tiny bit every session though if it's sore.

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I would imagine the skull is the worst, but I've heard parts of the butt can be awful. 

For me, elbow ditch was just awful. In hindsight, I don't know what I was thinking going into it. The swelling was crazy. Armpit sucked too for sure!

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So far my armpit was the most painful, and this might sound crazy but my thigh would be a close second. That thing hurt like a bitch. I was pretty surprised I was in so much pain, considering I have a sleeve and the only part that really bothered me was my armpit. 

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I'm not heavily tattooed, halfsleeve on lower arm, upper arm piece and backpiece, but so far the elbow has been the worst. And I also felt like the outside of my lower arm hurt more than the inside, which is the complete opposite of what most people say. So I guess I'm wierd like that 😛

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