Dumb Hipster Tattoos

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it's not the cassettes, it's whats on them that sounds horrible.

HAHAHAHAHA I wish I could hit 'like' more. Sorry Dan, normally our musical tastes are pretty close... except in this instance ;) (unless your being held against your will and this is being played to you Git-Mo styles?)

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@Duffa The sunglass guy has it's own thread or it is a post within one but I can't find it.....maybe someone else remembers, it is insanity regardless

As for this thread, ironically (yes actually ironic) I was at Blackheart yesterday killing time when I got shown this book, Look at This Fucking Hipster. Has anyone flipped through it?

after living in Brooklyn for a period.....I hate hipsters! Check out the site to go along with the book! Look at this fucking hipster

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    • well I wouldn't worry about it then, and maybe don't use that same gel on fresh tattoos.
    • Thanks Dan,i used a normal fragranced shower gel,the previous 2 days i used a different one,and was fine....i only got inked in black The rash wasnt on the tatt but in the areas around it..i put some camphor cream on,and it started to fade away.its fine now..just stressed to get another one,and is 3 weeks too soon to get another one done?
    • I only use a anti-microbial soap on my fresh tattoo,  any drug store has it over the counter, what color was the ink that got the rash ? and IMO it was the shower gel that cause it, since it was 3 days after
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