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The Tattoo Pain-Scale

Dan S

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This was up high maybe 1" south of the collarbone. Pretty bad when you tap out for a break every few minutes when you're on the paying end...


I didn't find my collarbones to be super painful as far as tattoos go, though when I was getting my first one done where was a point when he was going right over the bone and I felt vibrations through my entire skeleton and that was really unpleasant. Then of course because I was lopsided I needed to eventually get the second one done and I wasn't looking forward to it. It ended up being okay though.

I have five sessions booked for a tiger on my ribs and I am fucking terrified.

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Ha!! That's makin' me think that there's no f*ckin' way I'm getting my feet done! :)

the feet is not as bad as you would think i have had both my feet don although not an allover but rather a 'ferrel face monster' and the character for Dragon it's anovel sensation but not that bad

i am not sure if posting in a topic as old as this but i will no doubt learn :)

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