June 2014 Tattoo of the Month Contest

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Just imagine how awesome this t-shirt would look on you:


If you win the LST Tattoo of the Month contest it will be yours for Free Free Free Free Free Free

(or if you don't win you can always order one here: LST Store | Last Sparrow Tattoo)

The rules:

The tattoo picture that gets posted in this thread for June 2014 with the most 'likes' for the month wins! The contest starts on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month.

  • Your tattoo picture must be posted in this thread (both tattooers and tattoo customers can win) in order to qualify.
  • Include with your photo/post...tattoo artist name & tattoo shop.
  • You MUST be the one who has the tattoo or did the tattoo.
  • You can 'like' as many tattoos as you want.
  • It can be a finished or in progress tattoo.
  • You cannot enter the same tattoo in more than one contest.

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Tough to compete with a Valerie backpiece, but I think I'll throw this little guy into the ring anyways. I was hoping to have some healed shots by now but it's impossible to photograph the back of your own forearm, so here's a couple Jeff took after it was done.

Jeff Zuck, Name Brand Tattoo, Ann Arbor, MI

Eagle/Rose Morph... I think the technical term is 'it wraps a bit'

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Good old Blighty is doing us proud this month :-D Nice to see so many fab UK folk one after the other.

If only I could "like" from tapatalk!! Oh well, it gives me a good excuse to admire them again on a larger screen during working hours.

Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk

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On a side note, me and @ThatGuy crossed paths in Frith Street without realising, Crossing the online/reality divide. It's a Fantastic back piece! Gets my vote this month.

Yeah, funny that... The deeper you get into the tattoo world, the smaller it gets. Your back-piece definitely solidified my decision on getting a battle tattoo from Stewart.

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@Sparky Polastri, this piece would be so much cooler if it had LOTS OF WINDBARS….amirite???

I knew I should've asked for more!! ;)

- - - Updated - - -

@Sparky Polastri, this piece would be so much cooler if it had LOTS OF WINDBARS….amirite???

Ah Mr. Cosgrove, we meet again- hey I hear Scott does really awesome stars and dots, you should get a few...hundred...oh wait :p

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So June didn't exactly break the record for most contestants, but man oh man, those who submitted had some killer lookin' tattoos!

However, @ThatGuy stole the victory with this utterly stunning back piece by Valerie Vargas of Frith Street Tattoo in London. Congrats!!!


Please PM @steve1461686340 with your shirt info (size and male or female) along with your address.

New contest will be up shortly!

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