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    Ryan Mason's work is awesome! I've been wanting something from him for quite some time now. Check out this amazing backpiece:
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    Is this possible? I need people to know immediately when I zing them in other threads they might not see.
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    Knee Tattoooo

    Posting my knee piece Wednesday, dun dun dun!
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    Brandon Dailey

    Non-Tattooer owning flash

    In my humble opinion, artwork is artwork and I think people should surround themselves with images they like to see... that being said... I think if a non-tattooer is buying flash to become a tattooer, they are already doomed to failure. Either way I support people paying me for my work.
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    Best skin? (question for tattooers)

    So far I've been told to get color since I am damn near translucent white, it comes with the territory of working inside, usually no windows :( . Just like Ursula I am Italian but its a joke since I am sooo pale. Only part of my body that ever got tough skin was my hands from years of working on my motorcycles, cars and off-roading.
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    Stefan Johnsson


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    Randy Janson

    Chiwawa Power

    dog portrait
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    Knee Tattoooo

    I think something semi-geometric in that area. I like the idea of capping off my travel leg with a compass rose like this (maybe less detailed, a few colors) The other knee, maybe a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign. These are super basic, but they can get really detailed:
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    David Flores

    Does My Tattoo Look Bad?

    Looks fine to me, now its time to fill up the rest of your arms.
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    Old tattoo photos

    That's not Junni, but it does kinda look like her. This is Junni:
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    Food and Drink list

    Its 0700 and i just took down two slices of lanesplitter pizza. Gorgonzola, tomato, salami, basil. And a large coffee. Im gonna shit my pants later
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    Most painful spot to get tattooed

    Okay, here's the update. Hotstuff and Panther by Scott Sylvia. Kewpie and White Tiger by Bryan Burke. Both tattoos were done in 2 sittings, black in one sitting, color in the next. Scotts side was about 5 1/2 hours. Bryans side was 4 1/2 hours total. I started Bryans side first but finished Scotts side first. I lagged on Bryan and was procrastinating getting it finished a bit because Scotts side hurt so bad. Bryan actually had to call me up and be like, "we finishing this tattoo we started or what?". Sorry Bryan. Both these guys are quick as can be and for a painful spot like the ribs I really appreciated that. I gotta say the second sitting with Scott i was feeling a little nauseous and almost ready to tap out towards the end. Scott hurt more!
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    Well, ultimately it's up to tattooers to just not answer the questions. People are going to ask questions and occasionally step over the line, especially people new to this who don't know any better. Most of the time it's an honest mistake, it's no big deal and a gentle correction should suffice. It's when people start demanding to know things, like we owe them something, that there's a problem.
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    Furry Friends

    I got this idea from Shawns thread on his new "bundle of Joy" where he announced he was adopting this cute italian grey hound. i know im not the only one who loves talking about their pets so please share away. heres a little explaination of my pictures. DEPRESSING STOREY WARNING: the first one is of Joia (joy-a, this is the portugues slang word for treasure/jewels) she was my first portuguese water dog. i rescued her from a hell hole of a living situation. i got her at the age of 1 yr and she lived with me and my family until she passed 7 months later. unfortunately she was born very very sick and by the time we found out something was wrong it was too late. sorry for the sad storey but thats life!!! the 2nd and 3rd is of Avelan my current dog. we showed her within Canada and she got her championship with 4 weeks, we are so proud of her. now that shes sterealized we cant show her anymore so we've moved on to training in agility. its so much fun and shes got so much talent and ability!! lastly are some pictures of cross stitch pieces i did. i do this in my free time because it keeps my hands busy and i think its as close as im gonna get to art of any kind becasue i dont draw anymore.
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    Tim Hendricks

    back piece

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    Mel Noir

    Celebrity Tattoos

    I love his tattoo as much as I love his moustache.
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    I don't have any cover-ups on my body but I tattoo a hell of a lot of them. Most of the larger work that I do (bigger than 1/2 sleeve) usually incorporates some kind of cover-up. I started to make a point of NOT taking a 'before' picture. Sometimes I do, but I found that the cover-up requests got bigger and bigger the more cover-ups I showed. Covering a half sleeve sized tattoo with a full sleeve compromises the end product but I sometimes enjoy the challenge and the problem-solving aspect of it. This is one of the more tricky ones from last year or so, when I used to take 'before' photos: I got an email today asking if I could cover a full sleeve - with a sleeve.
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    General Movie Thread

    Watch it 20 more times. Than do it drunk 20 more. Did you watch 2.
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    cocky tiger

    Richard's horny tiger
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    wild boar

    wild boar
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    wolf snake

    wolf snake
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    While good men die

    While good men die
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    tiger dagger

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    tiger feet
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    Nate Beavers

    nate beavers pug dog portrait

    nate beavers pug dog portrait done in New Jersey
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    nate beavers black and gray lion done in Houston,Tx at Epoch Tattoo
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    Skunx Tattoo

    lady bug

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    Matt Simmons

    wolf hound

    wolf hound
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    Tim Hendricks


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    Joshua Pidcock

    NKJ Shark

    NKJ Shark
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    Jacek Minkowski


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    Shotsie Gorman

    ram skull

    Ram Skull
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    rat flower

    rat flower
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    Kyle Harvey

    goliath for web

    goliath for web
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    Deb Yarian


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    Josh palmer


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    jills tat giraffe

    jills tat
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    Chad Smith


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    dave porter

    cole tiger

    cole tiger
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    dave porter


    cat a pillar
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    Crop Cat

    By Heath Preheim, Temple, Oakland
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    Spider Closeup

    Itsy Bitsy Spider by Ben Grillo, Two Roses, San Diego
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    Kevin Campbell

    Celebrity Tattoos

    At the shop I work out in Hollywood, Chris Brown and Rihanna came in (before he kicked her ass) and they both had some pretty ridiculous tattoos on them (some of which were done at our shop). On his upper arm, there was a Jesus in the clouds with ninjas popping out of all the clouds around it. I asked what was up with the ninjas, and he said they were to protect Jesus. I'm Jewish, so I don't know all that much about Jesus I guess, but I'm pretty sure homeboy doesn't ninjas to protect him when the shit hits the fan.