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    Are you ever going to stop?

    nobody gets just one or two.
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    nicky papers

    Eagle Girl head

    Eagle and Girl Head by Nick Rodin @ Blackheart tattoo SF Lettering by Mike Lucena. ( when he worked @ Blackheart)
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    Are you ever going to stop?

    i've traveled and gotten tattooed ~20 times this year. no plans of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.
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    David Flores

    Are you ever going to stop?

    I used to think I had to slow down, so I don't run out of space, but now I don't have as much free time or money to get tattooed and all I want to do is get more tattoos. I can't imagine I will stop. I see other friends who are a little ahead of me and they seem to find ways to keep getting tattoos with limited or no skin left. I don't really want face tattoos even though that seems to be the trend right now, I have a feeling it will slightly harder to live with and a little more regretful than all the tribal armbands that came out of the 90's and I would just assume skip it.
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    Dan S

    Post-tattoo blues anyone?

    Nope, never happened. Not with stuff I put on myself, not on stuff I've gotten since then. Always enjoyed planning it, having it done, watching it heal.
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    Post-tattoo blues anyone?

    Only depression I feel is having to wait to get another one. Or perhaps realizing there's another awkward spot ill have to fill. But mostly excitement here
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    Tim Hendricks


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    dragon backpiece

    Finished my back earlier this month not the best pic but thought I'll share.
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    Stefan Johnsson

    Lady panther hat

    Lady pantherhat
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    mama neta

    Cripwell Kewpie

    Perfect little Kewpie for my daughter. Stuart Cripwell.
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    Tim Hendricks

    back piece

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    Paul A. Dobleman

    gypsy girl profile

    gypsy girl profile
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    Post-tattoo blues anyone?

    My wife and I each have three tattoos and have gone through some similar feelings to varying degrees after each one. Just as a disclaimer, we both love our work, it is amazing, no regrets, exactly what we wanted, etc. Does anyone else feel slightly depressed after getting tattooed? My wife has cried after two of hers (she loves them both) just because her body has been forever changed and she tends to respond more emotionally than I do. I've definitely felt minor pangs of sadness - kind of like a low-level grief that happens after any climactic event. I started an half sleeve yesterday, had months to think about it before starting, etc, and I love the work. Its just this strange wistful/longing feeling that takes a couple of days to go away! Can you all relate? I'll toss up some pics as the tattoo progresses.
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    I made out like a bandit -Mariano Rivera jersey -Ben Sherman shirt -pair of Levi's -LST t-shirt -book on baseball -bunch of star wars goodies -some awesome candy -a case of saranac winter ales and saranac glasses -a bottle of southern tier chocolate stout -bottle of il bastardo wine
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    Got the new Smashing Pumpkins record, stoked on a few tracks, still getting into it overall though. Anyone into them? Anyone buy it? Anyone still obsessed with them?! They've also put out crazy re-issues with extra tracks and DVDs, see: money pit. I still love this band. There's also a great interview Howard Stern did with Billy Corgan. It's over an hour long, I listened to it two consecutive mornings opening the bar, really interesting no matter what you think of the dude -- and he plays an acoustic version of Tonight, Tonight. http://vimeo.com/44532986" Good listen!
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    Are you ever going to stop?

    by exactly that; managing my money. i've got a car loan and all that but while all my friends are out at the bars or whatever i'm just hanging out at home and saving money to get tattooed.
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    the SFO Convention was our Christmas :D I"ll be picking up that Tattoo Time when I'm in SF next month...
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    Are you ever going to stop?

    'til the wheels fall off.
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    Post-tattoo blues anyone?

    I got a spider tattooed on my thumb earlier this year and for maybe two hours I was thinking "Man, maybe I shouldn't have done that" (BTW that shit is in there. It ain't washing off). But that went away real quick because I really wanted a spider on my thumb, besides no one hardly ever notices my hands anyway. Far worse than regrets, I've had this nightmare two or three times where suddenly all my tattoos are gone, i'm a total pinky all over again.... It's caused me to wake up in a panic thinking "Oh God, now I have to go through getting them all over again".
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    Dan S

    Post-tattoo blues anyone?

    ME TOO!!! Course, that would mean I was missing an arm, or a leg, or a chunk of my chest, or ribcage, or...
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    yeah he's super fast. i was just there yesterday & had a great time.
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    Rob I

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Here is a wolf head that Ron Wells did for me last night at Congress St Tattoo, in Portsmouth, NH. Not sure if you can tell by the pics, but it's on my right forearm, up close to the elbow. LOVE IT! Great experience, Ron is an awesome dude. Also had the pleasure of meeting @Graeme, and @Pugilist, who drove down from Canada for an appt with Ron as well. Pugilist got something amazing, but i won't divulge as I haven't seen her post a pic here yet.. but I did see it on instagram and it is completely and totally sick. rob true to iphone form, the pics are pointing the wrong way, which is annoying as can be.
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    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Thanks for your comments! I'm very excited with the piece. I forgot to include another part of my experience that I think you all would appreciate... So when I was going crazy with anticipation waiting to see a drawing for the piece and checking my email a billion times a day, Eddy sends an email saying that his "old friend Dan Higgs" said "whoa" three times in a row when he saw the drawing and that that was a very good omen. And then my head almost exploded ;)
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    David Flores

    Ink Masters

    People are always going to have an inaccurate representation of tattooers and the tattoo lifestyle. I don't think this show started it, the world is full of mediocre and bad tattooers who are completely delusional with over inflated egos, this show just happens to give those people 15 mins of pseudo fame. But I don't even know if this could be considered Z list celebrity status, the contestants are pretty forgettable and at best have a short career headlining traveling tattoo conventions. Why does it really matter what people think about the lifestyle. People who are serious about tattooing whether it be clients, or tattooers understand the hierarchy and where this show place is in it. People who aren't into it probably already have their per-conceived notions or don't really care one way or another. I have had to listen to plenty of customers rattle off their interpretation of what happened on last weeks inkmaster, and a lot of them are completely clueless about a lot of things, but most of them understand that these people aren't that good and are full of themselves. All I really have to do to give tattooing a better perception amongst them is just not act like the contestants. And as annoying as listening to this stuff, if people watch a show about tattooing and it makes them want to get tattooed, I am not going to complain. For the record there are hundreds of threads about who is the best tattooer, favorite tattooer, who's doing your next tattoo, a thread for each genre of tattoo, a thread for each animal that people get tattooed, and so on. If you added up all the activity of these threads you would probably see how little people really talk about this show in comparision. But really why wouldn't we talk about this show. This season alone has had Rubendall, Jack Rudy, Richard Stell, and Forrest Cavacco judging tattoos. I don't know one person in tattooing who hasn't watched one episode (most have watched more, but some will only admit to watching it once).
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    My left ribs done, by Robert Aalbers @ Clean Solid Tattoo. Two sittings,one for lines and shades, and one for some color.
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    Ink Masters

    I like this thread because I hate the show. I hate Lady Face Navarro. I hate the clients that get tattooed. I hate the editors and producers, the advertisers and the viewers. Yet I watch it. Every week. So this thread gives me more to talk about than 'my next tattoo will be' or 'did you see that photo on instagram' or whatever.
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    mines dirbab
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    mine is jack_trouble I don't do anything cool.
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    Forgot to post this in last month's contest... Got it done mid-fiancee visit, so I was too busy with sushi joints and Klingon Monopoly to be online. Also, in what may have been a small miracle, we got the stencil (which was two pieces) perfect on the first try. Josh Cruse JP Cruse Professional Tattooing Wichita, KS
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    matt bartley


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    Inner Wrist for first Tattoo

    Very much agree with the above posters. I am not sure I feel comfortable judging a 63 year old man's decision to get a tattoo and/or the placement. Right or wrong, let him enjoy his life and body art. Good luck to the both of you.
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    Inner Wrist for first Tattoo

    Man, he's 63 and you're talking about him like he's a teenager. Make sure he doesn't get it upside down.
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    Zach Nelligan peacock

    by Zach Nelligan at Triple Crown Tattoo- Austin,TX
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    artwork gitta thailandtattoocenter

    some of the tattoo i have done
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    Pin up

    Valerie Vargas
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    Tim Hendricks

    rock of ages

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    Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Interesting, because mine is a battle royale that does go down to the back of my knees and when I looked at it the other day, I thought 'No way would I want to cram this into a smaller space.'
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    Marius Meyer

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    Stefan Johnsson

    Birds roses

    Birds roses
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    Stefan Johnsson


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    Paul A. Dobleman


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    Stefan Johnsson


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    elk park 009

    scott sylvia
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    flapper girl